I’ve finally replaced batteries, took some pictures and am ready to give you an update.  First the baby shower. Last weekend I went to Rashad and Trish’s baby shower and I have yet to get an update…her due date was yesterday, so hopefully little Langston or Simone will be here soon.

They got this cute coat for baby…furry with little ears on the hood!

And a handmade quilt.

Nothing else has really been happening. Last weekend was a busy for tourists.  It was peak foliage-viewing so all the hotels were jam-packed with tourists coming to see the leaves. Grant raked the yard, but I took these yesterday, and you can’t even see our walkway!!

Check this out…crazy…

Grant wants to cut down the maple tree that is shedding all of these leaves because of this very reason. Looks like we missed our opportunity and will need to do it next year (if at all..I kinda like the leaves. They are pretty..)  Here are some in our backyard. The colors are really amazing…

Happy fall!!


Obama ’08!