October 2008

Tomorrow is Halloween (H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N spells halloween!) and even though I’m excited about it because it’s on a Friday (just an excuse to get a little wild, I guess), I’m a little bummed this year because Grant is away traveling with hockey, and I bought a pumpkin a couple weeks ago to carve this week that’s rotten. It’s been in the garage, where I thought it would keep cool enough to not rot, but it has decided to do so anyway. It got to the point where if I carved it, the whole thing would just implode, so I had to get creative:

Not my best work, but the best I could do with what I had…

Here is my plan for the evening: hand out candy to trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood, go over to Kwame and Julie’s to see Kijana in his monkey costume (cannot wait!!), hang out for a bit, then I might go over to Allison’s house because they are having some people over.  But I’ll see how the evening goes. 

For the first time in a couple weeks, I got to talk to Amber who is very pregnant at the moment. I had to talk to her about how the pregnancy is going and how she is doing overall after I saw this on her blog:

I can’t believe how different she looks from the last time I saw a picture of her! Pregnancy suits her; she looks beautiful!  Even when in the tub!

Sigh. Amber, you are amazing! 🙂

First, let me re-cap the weekend. Friday and Saturday evenings were hockey. I sang the national anthem on Friday at the game and that went pretty good! The acoustics are cool, once I got used to the echo. The arena is a big space and it’s different than singing outside where your sound just goes OUT. But in the rink, the sound bounces around a little. It threw me the first two lines, but then I was able to hear myself and all in all, I think it went pretty good.

Look at my cute little Grant working

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!! 

No, he’s not a coach. Those are words to a song. I never heard it till I met Grant and even then, I didn’t believe him that it was an actual song.  Have you ever heard it? Surely, I’m not the only person. But I digress…

On Sunday we went to the last home women’s soccer game to cheer on Kwame and the team. If they tied or won the game, they would get a spot in the playoffs. Unfortunately, they loss 1-0 in OT. It was a good game, but too bad they couldn’t pull it off.  Grant and I sat with Julie and the kids–

She’s getting so big. And those cheeks!!! Sigh! There’s nothing like chunky baby cheeks!

While we were watching the game, Kijana wanted to play hide and seek with the baby wipes. At one point, Kijana hid the wipes in Grant’s vest pocket. Kijana even asked me to help him zip it up (ya, he’ll never find them in there!). When Grant opened his eyes, he started playing along asking Kijana where they could be. Then Grant told Kijana to ask the ball boy, who was standing just in front of us on the field, if he knew where the baby wipes were. This is how it went down:

Grant: “Go ask him, ‘do you have the baby wipes?’ ”

Kijana: “But I don’t know him.”

Grant: “It’s ok, just say ‘hi, do you have the baby wipes?’ Say it. Just say ‘excuse me, hi, do you have the baby wipes?'”

Then Kijana got down off the bleachers, walked up right behind him to ask the guy if he had the baby wipes, all the while I’ve got my hand over my mouth because I’m dying laughing, because I can picture him doing it.  At the last second, Kijana gets scared and doesn’t ask him.  And Grant is the kind of guy who can get kids to do some of the funniest things that he would never do himself.  It’s one of his gifts! In the end, Grant found the baby wipes in his vest pocket. It was all pretty funny.

Ok, on to our video for the day. Thursdays have always been my favorite day of the week.  And this is one of the reasons why.  The funniest show on tv!


Obama ’08!

We got word that baby Simone Janae Shabazz was born Oct 15th at 3:10 am, weighing 7.2 lbs and was 21” long. Welcome to the world, Simone!

Zavion got his Halloween costume the other day…

Is that not the cutest skeleton you’ve ever seen?!?!  Ugh!

A funny thing happened on the way to work today…

It was snowing!!!  Yup, snow.  Oct 22nd and it’s snowing.  Arg.  Thank goodness it’s not sticking, but it is cold and wet.  Just a sign of things to come, I guess…

Ok, so that’s not necessarily hilarious, but this is!  Happy Hilarious Hump Day!!  This one is courtesy of Amber 🙂

LOL LOL LOL!!!! What a tool!!!  LOL LOL LOL!!!

I’ve finally replaced batteries, took some pictures and am ready to give you an update.  First the baby shower. Last weekend I went to Rashad and Trish’s baby shower and I have yet to get an update…her due date was yesterday, so hopefully little Langston or Simone will be here soon.

They got this cute coat for baby…furry with little ears on the hood!

And a handmade quilt.

Nothing else has really been happening. Last weekend was a busy for tourists.  It was peak foliage-viewing so all the hotels were jam-packed with tourists coming to see the leaves. Grant raked the yard, but I took these yesterday, and you can’t even see our walkway!!

Check this out…crazy…

Grant wants to cut down the maple tree that is shedding all of these leaves because of this very reason. Looks like we missed our opportunity and will need to do it next year (if at all..I kinda like the leaves. They are pretty..)  Here are some in our backyard. The colors are really amazing…

Happy fall!!


Obama ’08!

Last Wednesday my brother, Colin, celebrated the big 3-0!!  Of course I wasn’t there to help celebrate, but my family was!  My dad sent me a few pictures of the party.

Happy Birthday, bro!


This weekend was so busy.  And I keep forgetting the adapter cord for the camera to download the pictures! I’ll have to post again, but with pictures. Why am I forgetting it, you may ask…well, honestly, I usually take the time to blog during my lunch hour at work, so I need to bring it with me, which I have forgotten to do these last few days. I had this post all ready to go in my head Sunday night, then I didn’t get myself together enough that night and forgot to bring it with me…plus the batteries in the camera died this weekend, so I have to search the house for more. So this will be a full post, minus the pictures.  Sigh.

But let’s get on with it!  Friday night, Grant and I had our usual ordering Chinese food and lounging on the couch.  A perfect Friday night, if you ask me! We have been watching “The Wire” via Blockbuster. It’s a series that was on HBO for 5 years and is one of the best shows on tv. If you watch it, you’ll LOVE IT. It revolves around the Baltimore police department and the local gangs.  But it’s not your typical bloody, gang show. You really get to know the characters, the good ones and the bad. Season 4 was focused on the kids who work the corners selling drugs and how that plays into their school life, and their home life. It’s an excellent show. You have to see it if you haven’t.

Saturday, Grant had to work hockey practice and I sang the national anthem at the men’s soccer game! Scary? Yes. Why? I haven’t done that since high school. Will I do it again? Of course! I’ve given my name to the woman that handles the marketing for athletics and they will sign me up for games throughout this and next semester. So that pretty much took up my whole afternoon. Then we had Allison and her family over to watch the USC/Oregon game. We snacked, had a couple beers, and once USC was up 34-10 we called it a night.

Sunday, we went to church in the morning, then Grant went to hockey and I went to a baby shower of some folks we’ve met somewhat recently.  A nice couple, Rashad and Trish, who are expecting their first baby Oct 16th. It was fun to meet some new people and see the cute stuff they got!!  I’ll post those pictures soon. Then that night the women’s hockey team had their first home game! It was fun, even though they lost 1-0. Kwame and Kijana were there, Jon Porter ended up coming, and I sat next to my usual hockey girls, Libby and Barb. Libby is married to the athletic director at UVM and Barb is her friend and also married to the coach of the women’s hockey team.  It was a good crowd!

So that was my busy weekend.  So far this week has been busy with work and catching up on some tivo this week.  And since I missed hilarious hump day yesterday, here is a little something to commemorate our national anthem. (Amber, the video you sent me will have to be saved for next week). Enjoy!

Why is it that seeing people get hurt like this can make us laugh?  Does anyone know?