This last weekend, Grant and I stayed busy.  And of course, I didn’t bring my camera!!!  UGH!!!!!  I hate it when I do that.  We’ve just been working and hanging out at home so I’ve gotten out of the habit of bringing it with me everywhere.  But on Saturday, Grant watched football while I went over to Julie’s house to hang out and help her as much as I could, since Kwame was away at a game. Jada was sleeping most of the time and Kijana was watching tv, just hanging out. So we pretty much just sat and chatted. It was nice! Then I met Grant at home and we went over to Gregg and Candace’s house.  Gregg is the men’s hockey ATc and he and his wife went to Purdue, so we went to watch the Purdue vs Notre Dame game.  That was fun, especially since Notre Dame won! We ate, watched football, Grant played with their daughter Amara.  She’s almost 4 and is so sweet, and she always like to play with boys, so when we walked in the door, she was ready to play with Grant!!  It was cute.

Sunday after church we went over to Kwame and Julie’s house to help celebrate Kwame’s 100th career win! The girl’s soccer team won on Saturday at an away game, so Sunday they had us and their neighbors over for Julie’s tortilla soup (YUM!).  All in all, it was a nice weekend to catch up with friends and watch some sports!  This weekend, women’s hockey opens up their season with a game on Sunday!!  Besides that, I’m not sure what we have planned. Stay tuned!