Just stopping in to say hello.  It’s been pretty slow-going these past few days.  This past weekend, Grant and I just hung out around the house, watched lots of football, ate lots of food.  The only thing we really did was go out to drinks with Allison and Dan on Saturday night.  That was fun.  We were just having beers at the bar, but someone Allison knew from work saw her and sent a waitress over to get us a round of drinks…that’s when we switched beverages.  Grant and Allison had vodka tonics and I had a dirty martini, extra dirty.  All made with Grey Goose vodka, of course! 😉  Only the best for us!!  Just kidding.  It was really nice of them to do that.  But otherwise, nothing has been happening.  Grant’s starting to get busy with the student athletes, work is keeping me plenty busy, too…ya, basically, it’s been business as usual!