Since it’s been so long since my last post, I’ve gotta get you up to speed before the video of the week. Nothing much has been happening, but we’ve been keeping busy 🙂  Kwame’s family came to town for the long weekend and we went over and had dinner. Yummy pork tenderloin!!!

Julie, don’t kill me cuz I put this up!


Then the women’s soccer team had a game. Grant and I haven’t been to a soccer game yet, and since we’re friends now with the coach, we wanted to go check it out. 


 And the weather was so sunny and warm, we rode our bikes to the field.

Julie got this cool baby-holder (as I call it) from Kwame’s mom. Amber, what do you think? It’s way cute! And Jada was perfectly happy all tucked in there. 

Also in news, college football has officially begun!! GO DUCKS!!!  Grant spent most of Saturday watching games, which was fine with me because I went out shopping and bought new running shoes! But was home in plenty of time to watch Oregon pound Washington…actually, it was on so late here I was struggling to stay awake. But texting Kristin and Athena throughout was helping me stay up.  Once the score was 37-10, I decided they had a garaunteed win and turned it off. I think the final score ended up being 44-10. This weekend is really the OFFICIAL start because Notre Dame plays.  If they win, it will be a wonderful weekend…if not…well, let’s just say it will be a sad day in the Wilson household.  Maybe I’ll make these again–

Mmmmmm!!!!!!  Game day nachos!!!

Ok, and with the start of football, comes our video for the day!

Ah yes, the old “giving him the business” call…LOL!  The first time we saw this, Grant and I rewound it like 50 times and were crying because we were laughing so hard!!!