Everything seems to happen so fast.  Except winter.  Especially in Vermont.  I don’t remember the leaves starting to change so early the last 2 years here, but maybe they did.  They are starting to now, and it’s just another sign that summer is almost over. 

I think fall might be my favorite season, but I still hate to see the end of summer…so we took advantage of this fabulous weather we’ve been having and had a BBQ!!  Allison and her boys came over, as well as the Lloyds.  Allison was gracious enough to sit at the “kid’s table.”  (I’ve been telling Grant we need a bigger dining room table, but he refuses to give in to my demands. Arg. Now that we have a house and friends we invite over, not to mention family for the holidays coming to visit…ok, I could go on and on so I’ll stop.) But the kids were deep in conversation, discussing how good their band is from playing Rockband, and “why do they call it pound cake? do you pound it down? does it weigh a pound?” and other thought provoking questions…

The kids also had fun playing Rockband.  It was good to keep them occupied while us adults had our own thought provoking conversations, like “Julie, how do you make this crab dip?!” mmm…crab dip….but back to Rockband.  They were playing it for a couple of hours, which is longer than Grant and I have played in a while, and they unlocked some good songs!! For those that don’t know, when you first start playing, the game only gives you a few songs to learn and get good on, then as your band gets better, the game releases more songs for you to play at your concerts.  One of the ones we’ve been dying to unlock is “Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi.  Thanks, kids!

I think Kijana was watching while Ben and Cameron where playing with Yanni, but here he wanted to try out the drums.  Yanni, the diva that she is, loved that mic!