So, Grant’s family is in town: His mom, dad, and niece.  The other night, we went down to the waterfront in Burlington to show them the view of the lake.  The weather this week has been great. I’m glad summer is finally here!

We liked the name of this boat

On Friday, we had a staff “retreat.”  I say “retreat” because we have these every year, but they are usually boring, filled with yearly statistics and business stuff and this year we wanted to start fresh and do something fun.  So, we had the business stuff first on Thursday during a luncheon, then on Friday was our fun day.  We are now calling that, Festivus!  Remember from Seinfeld?  Ok, it doesn’t entail anything from that holiday, we just like the name.  I was on the planning committee for it and I think we ended up with a fun day, if I do say so myself! We went to a local park, Oakledge, where we were playing games, some people went for a swim, and just had a good time

 The beanbag game

 Lake Champlain

QUOTE OF THE DAY: A bunch of us were playing frisbee.  Jon was wearing this t-shirt that had a drawing of a squirrel holding onto a nut, posing in the Heisman trophy stance.  Can you see it in this picture?

Ok, no you can’t really.  But that’s him.  Anyway, we just finished playing frisbee and it was hot out.  He says to us, “Now my squirrel is all sweaty.”  And Grant and I bust out laughing.  And I say, “That’s a little too much information, Jon!”  LOL LOL LOL!!!  Oh man, it was hilarious!!!  We were all dying laughing!!!

This morning, Grant, his mom and I went to Saturday market and she bought some maple syrup (A Vermont staple) and some fresh produce.  

 “Please don’t squeeze the tomatoes”

 Honey bees!


p.s. Happy Birthday, dad!