These two…best friends!

Grant kept asking, “Kijana, can I get a sip?” And I don’t know why, but I was dying laughing every time he asked him that! Of course, Kijana wouldn’t let him have any. No one messes with his apple juice!

And when they play, they play rough.  Which I’m sure Julie and Kwame hate, especially when we come over at 8:00 at night to say hello. That’s not close to his bedtime, right?

But look how cute!

And in Jada news…she gave me the finger–

No, not really. But it looks like she’s tryin’! Probably cuz we were taking pictures of her in all sorts of circumstances! 

Go cats, go!

In other news, we re-painted the kitchen this weekend.  I knew when we moved into our house, I wanted a yellow kitchen.  So we painted it this bright yellow, which I thought would be good to have, especially since we have really long winters.  And I liked it!  But then we painted the living room a color called “peanut butter” and that color + a new light fixture in the dining room = BRIGHT YELLOW KITCHEN!!!  It looked almost like a highlighter!! Woa, my eyes! My eyes!  Too bright!  So, we went to Lowes and picked up a new color, “creamy oat.”

 Yummy!!  A very soft yellow that will still keep the kitchen bright on those dark winter days (I hope!)  Here it is next to the brown–

We painted, cleaned, and scrubbed this house on Saturday–just because! But Grant talked to his parents yesterday, and they are leaving Grand Rapids to drive out here tomorrow!  Yeah!  Don’t you love it when things work out like that?