I know…I’ve been a bad blogger.  Nothing too exciting has been happening lately, what can I say?!  Well, this weekend was the first beautiful one in I can’t remember how long.  So while Grant was hard at work in the yard, I went downtown to Church Street and did some shopping!

 I can’t tell you how good it felt to have the sun on my skin! Seriously, it’s been raining almost every day here!  Not much of a summer and one of the rainiest on record. You know you’re sick of the rain when you take a picture of a blue sky!


Sunday it rained (of course) and then on Monday was basketball for Grant

 This was a pretty good game! Grant ended up with 12 points (I think) and played tough defense the entire game (8 blocks!!). They won by 12 (right, Grant?) and next week is the championship game!!  Go Essex Junction Men’s League Yellow Team!! After the game we went to say hello to the Lloyd family. 

The guys were across the street playing some form of baseball, while us ladies sat on the porch and talked.  Kijana still cries every time we leave, but we are all hoping he grows out of that soon.