Ok, so I have a bunch of funny videos I have lined up for Hilarious Hump day, but they are going to have to wait until next week.  Since today is the last performance day of So You Think You Can Dance and tomorrow night is the results show, I need to dedicate this week to dance.  And I am so ADDICTED to this show, I hate that it ends!! Arg!! And I was going to post my favorite dance of this year, but I couldn’t decide so I am posting my 3 favorite from this season (yeah!) and one from last season. Can you guess who my favorite couple is of this year?  Ya, pretty much Katee and Joshua are the best couple ever and individually are so good too!  I wish they could both win.  But I love Twitch too.  Those of you who have never seen this show are really missing out.  It’s on Fox tonight at 8 and you get not just one, but 2 delicious hours of dance.  Then tomorrow is the results show, so if you haven’t seen it and you love dance (or even just like it), you gotta add it to your list next summer!  And maybe these videos will help spark your interest.  Anyway, the the last video is just a fantastic treat and makes me smile everytime I see it so I included that one too.  Happy Hump Day!!

This first one is the first ever performance of Bollywood, a style from India, on this show.

These were the last 2 standing at this time last year (Neal and Sabra). Sabra ended up winning. But I love this 80s classic they dance to! I believe they called this “The Boardroom”

Maybe this dude should audition for the show next year! Happy Hump Day!