This weekend kept us pretty busy. On Saturday, Grant and I went to look at a timeshare.  No, not because we want to buy one, but because I won a $1000 shopping spree if we went to a 90 minute timeshare presentation in Killington, VT (about an hr and a half drive south of us).  So of course, I was like, “sign us up!” In addition to the shopping spree, which turns out is only online, we also get a 3 day 2 night stay at one of their select locations throughout the US, a gas card, and a scratch off ticket (woo hoo!)  Lol.  So at 8:45 on Saturday morning, we got in the car and drove down there.  It seemed like Grant thought there was something better to do on a Saturday…

But the drive was pretty! It’s been raining like the last 28 of 30 days here.  Usually the rain doesn’t show up until the afternoon, but still.  It feels more like spring than summer. But yesterday was a nice day!


Vermont is pretty! Especially when it’s not freezing cold or rainy. But we got there right on time and had to sit through a boring presentation “Look man, we’re just here for the incentives, ok?” Don’t get me wrong, the timeshare space is pretty nice, but we would rather just pay for a vacation when we want to take one and not own something like this. And when the guy left us to sit and watch a video about how wonderful owning a timeshare is, we took some pictures. Ha ha!


 So after we didn’t by anything, we decided to drive to nearby Rutland, VT to get something to eat. As we were leaving the timeshare place, North Star Lodge, we saw the ski slopes minus the snow.  We think it would be more of a fun place to be with snow!

 Anyway, Rutland is a cute little town with some nice architecture 


Then we drove back home…

 Of course about an hour after we pulled into the driveway, it started to pour down rain.  Thunder, lightning, the whole bit.  Then we woke up this morning, and it was still raining.  And it kept raining.  And raining (you get the picture).  It was still raining when we went to the Athletic Director’s house for a BBQ.  He has this shindig every year and invites the whole athletic department and the athletic medicine folks too.  Luckily they were prepared for the rain because they had a tent set up in their backyard, but the grass was all mushy and muddy.  The food was good though!  

 And the kids were playing out in the rain and mud.  They didn’t care at all!

And father and son enjoyed a couple of beers! Classy!

 We had a good time!

p.s. As I write this post, it’s still raining.