August 2008

Everything seems to happen so fast.  Except winter.  Especially in Vermont.  I don’t remember the leaves starting to change so early the last 2 years here, but maybe they did.  They are starting to now, and it’s just another sign that summer is almost over. 

I think fall might be my favorite season, but I still hate to see the end of summer…so we took advantage of this fabulous weather we’ve been having and had a BBQ!!  Allison and her boys came over, as well as the Lloyds.  Allison was gracious enough to sit at the “kid’s table.”  (I’ve been telling Grant we need a bigger dining room table, but he refuses to give in to my demands. Arg. Now that we have a house and friends we invite over, not to mention family for the holidays coming to visit…ok, I could go on and on so I’ll stop.) But the kids were deep in conversation, discussing how good their band is from playing Rockband, and “why do they call it pound cake? do you pound it down? does it weigh a pound?” and other thought provoking questions…

The kids also had fun playing Rockband.  It was good to keep them occupied while us adults had our own thought provoking conversations, like “Julie, how do you make this crab dip?!” mmm…crab dip….but back to Rockband.  They were playing it for a couple of hours, which is longer than Grant and I have played in a while, and they unlocked some good songs!! For those that don’t know, when you first start playing, the game only gives you a few songs to learn and get good on, then as your band gets better, the game releases more songs for you to play at your concerts.  One of the ones we’ve been dying to unlock is “Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi.  Thanks, kids!

I think Kijana was watching while Ben and Cameron where playing with Yanni, but here he wanted to try out the drums.  Yanni, the diva that she is, loved that mic!



I have more pictures of the Wilson’s visit with us, but have not had any time to post them.  And today is Hilarious Hump Day anyway, so the pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.  I hope you find today’s video as funny as I do!  I loved this show!  (note: the first 30 seconds or so is music, but the funniness comes soon after!)

So, Grant’s family is in town: His mom, dad, and niece.  The other night, we went down to the waterfront in Burlington to show them the view of the lake.  The weather this week has been great. I’m glad summer is finally here!

We liked the name of this boat

On Friday, we had a staff “retreat.”  I say “retreat” because we have these every year, but they are usually boring, filled with yearly statistics and business stuff and this year we wanted to start fresh and do something fun.  So, we had the business stuff first on Thursday during a luncheon, then on Friday was our fun day.  We are now calling that, Festivus!  Remember from Seinfeld?  Ok, it doesn’t entail anything from that holiday, we just like the name.  I was on the planning committee for it and I think we ended up with a fun day, if I do say so myself! We went to a local park, Oakledge, where we were playing games, some people went for a swim, and just had a good time

 The beanbag game

 Lake Champlain

QUOTE OF THE DAY: A bunch of us were playing frisbee.  Jon was wearing this t-shirt that had a drawing of a squirrel holding onto a nut, posing in the Heisman trophy stance.  Can you see it in this picture?

Ok, no you can’t really.  But that’s him.  Anyway, we just finished playing frisbee and it was hot out.  He says to us, “Now my squirrel is all sweaty.”  And Grant and I bust out laughing.  And I say, “That’s a little too much information, Jon!”  LOL LOL LOL!!!  Oh man, it was hilarious!!!  We were all dying laughing!!!

This morning, Grant, his mom and I went to Saturday market and she bought some maple syrup (A Vermont staple) and some fresh produce.  

 “Please don’t squeeze the tomatoes”

 Honey bees!


p.s. Happy Birthday, dad!

For those of you familiar with R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the closet” songs/series/weirdest saga ever sang, you’ll love this.  I think it’s hilarious. The original R. Kelly version is below the hilarious parody–parental discretion is advised if you watch R. Kelly.


Also, Grant’s family made it safely to town: his parents and his niece.  I’m glad they are here!

 These two…best friends!

Grant kept asking, “Kijana, can I get a sip?” And I don’t know why, but I was dying laughing every time he asked him that! Of course, Kijana wouldn’t let him have any. No one messes with his apple juice!

And when they play, they play rough.  Which I’m sure Julie and Kwame hate, especially when we come over at 8:00 at night to say hello. That’s not close to his bedtime, right?

But look how cute!

And in Jada news…she gave me the finger–

No, not really. But it looks like she’s tryin’! Probably cuz we were taking pictures of her in all sorts of circumstances! 

Go cats, go!

In other news, we re-painted the kitchen this weekend.  I knew when we moved into our house, I wanted a yellow kitchen.  So we painted it this bright yellow, which I thought would be good to have, especially since we have really long winters.  And I liked it!  But then we painted the living room a color called “peanut butter” and that color + a new light fixture in the dining room = BRIGHT YELLOW KITCHEN!!!  It looked almost like a highlighter!! Woa, my eyes! My eyes!  Too bright!  So, we went to Lowes and picked up a new color, “creamy oat.”

 Yummy!!  A very soft yellow that will still keep the kitchen bright on those dark winter days (I hope!)  Here it is next to the brown–

We painted, cleaned, and scrubbed this house on Saturday–just because! But Grant talked to his parents yesterday, and they are leaving Grand Rapids to drive out here tomorrow!  Yeah!  Don’t you love it when things work out like that?

Just plain hilarious.  Thanks, Amber and BJ!

“I don’t even taste the milk…”  “It keeps givin’, doesn’t it?!”  LOL!!!

I know…I’ve been a bad blogger.  Nothing too exciting has been happening lately, what can I say?!  Well, this weekend was the first beautiful one in I can’t remember how long.  So while Grant was hard at work in the yard, I went downtown to Church Street and did some shopping!

 I can’t tell you how good it felt to have the sun on my skin! Seriously, it’s been raining almost every day here!  Not much of a summer and one of the rainiest on record. You know you’re sick of the rain when you take a picture of a blue sky!


Sunday it rained (of course) and then on Monday was basketball for Grant

 This was a pretty good game! Grant ended up with 12 points (I think) and played tough defense the entire game (8 blocks!!). They won by 12 (right, Grant?) and next week is the championship game!!  Go Essex Junction Men’s League Yellow Team!! After the game we went to say hello to the Lloyd family. 

The guys were across the street playing some form of baseball, while us ladies sat on the porch and talked.  Kijana still cries every time we leave, but we are all hoping he grows out of that soon.

Ok, so I have a bunch of funny videos I have lined up for Hilarious Hump day, but they are going to have to wait until next week.  Since today is the last performance day of So You Think You Can Dance and tomorrow night is the results show, I need to dedicate this week to dance.  And I am so ADDICTED to this show, I hate that it ends!! Arg!! And I was going to post my favorite dance of this year, but I couldn’t decide so I am posting my 3 favorite from this season (yeah!) and one from last season. Can you guess who my favorite couple is of this year?  Ya, pretty much Katee and Joshua are the best couple ever and individually are so good too!  I wish they could both win.  But I love Twitch too.  Those of you who have never seen this show are really missing out.  It’s on Fox tonight at 8 and you get not just one, but 2 delicious hours of dance.  Then tomorrow is the results show, so if you haven’t seen it and you love dance (or even just like it), you gotta add it to your list next summer!  And maybe these videos will help spark your interest.  Anyway, the the last video is just a fantastic treat and makes me smile everytime I see it so I included that one too.  Happy Hump Day!!

This first one is the first ever performance of Bollywood, a style from India, on this show.

These were the last 2 standing at this time last year (Neal and Sabra). Sabra ended up winning. But I love this 80s classic they dance to! I believe they called this “The Boardroom”

Maybe this dude should audition for the show next year! Happy Hump Day!

This weekend kept us pretty busy. On Saturday, Grant and I went to look at a timeshare.  No, not because we want to buy one, but because I won a $1000 shopping spree if we went to a 90 minute timeshare presentation in Killington, VT (about an hr and a half drive south of us).  So of course, I was like, “sign us up!” In addition to the shopping spree, which turns out is only online, we also get a 3 day 2 night stay at one of their select locations throughout the US, a gas card, and a scratch off ticket (woo hoo!)  Lol.  So at 8:45 on Saturday morning, we got in the car and drove down there.  It seemed like Grant thought there was something better to do on a Saturday…

But the drive was pretty! It’s been raining like the last 28 of 30 days here.  Usually the rain doesn’t show up until the afternoon, but still.  It feels more like spring than summer. But yesterday was a nice day!


Vermont is pretty! Especially when it’s not freezing cold or rainy. But we got there right on time and had to sit through a boring presentation “Look man, we’re just here for the incentives, ok?” Don’t get me wrong, the timeshare space is pretty nice, but we would rather just pay for a vacation when we want to take one and not own something like this. And when the guy left us to sit and watch a video about how wonderful owning a timeshare is, we took some pictures. Ha ha!


 So after we didn’t by anything, we decided to drive to nearby Rutland, VT to get something to eat. As we were leaving the timeshare place, North Star Lodge, we saw the ski slopes minus the snow.  We think it would be more of a fun place to be with snow!

 Anyway, Rutland is a cute little town with some nice architecture 


Then we drove back home…

 Of course about an hour after we pulled into the driveway, it started to pour down rain.  Thunder, lightning, the whole bit.  Then we woke up this morning, and it was still raining.  And it kept raining.  And raining (you get the picture).  It was still raining when we went to the Athletic Director’s house for a BBQ.  He has this shindig every year and invites the whole athletic department and the athletic medicine folks too.  Luckily they were prepared for the rain because they had a tent set up in their backyard, but the grass was all mushy and muddy.  The food was good though!  

 And the kids were playing out in the rain and mud.  They didn’t care at all!

And father and son enjoyed a couple of beers! Classy!

 We had a good time!

p.s. As I write this post, it’s still raining.