So, Grant’s been playing in a men’s basketball league every week and he loves it.  Last night they played a game to clinch a birth into the playoffs!  Woo hoo!  And he’s very good, if I can brag for a second. Yesterday marked the second week in a row he was the top scorer on his team.  Last week = 29 pts, this week = 24!

 Ok, I know it’s totally blurry, but I swear there is no setting for action shots on this little digital camera we have.  There is one for fireworks, the beach, sunset, sunrise, but not like sports or anything.  How is that possible? Oh ya, it was cheap and from Walmart, that’s probably how.  This was taken without the flash because I didn’t want to be the dorky wife drawing attention to herself by taking pictures of her husband with a flash.  So taking action shots minus the flash = blurry picture.  AAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!  So, maybe this means we need a better camera? Anyway, that little short guy in the green jersey thinks he’s Michael Jordan or somethin.  He is a complete ball-hog and barrels down the court at a full sprint (EVERY TIME!!) and tries to do all these tricks like passing it behind his back and switching hands before a layup, and a bunch of other stuff, that when you watch him, you think, what is this guy doing?  It’s hilarious because he misses the basket most of the time! Ha ha ha! Oh man, it’s funny.  He’s a quick little sucker, but once he tries to score, he can’t get it to fall. And Grant was guarding him most of the game and he is way shorter than Grant, so sometimes, I would secretly wish for Grant to just put his arm up in the guy’s way and block his shot (which he did-ha ha!).  I mean, it looks like Grant could just crush this guy.

 The gun show is that’a way!