So, is blogging really as easy as everyone says it is?  So, far, so good!  Hi, my name is Ceara (pronounced like Kiera, Kyra, Kira, Keara…I’ve seen it spelled like these, but mine is the only authentic, Gaelic spelling–thanks mom and dad!)  I guess I’ll start by telling you I’ve only been thinking of starting a blog the last few weeks and finally decided to give it a try.  My friend Amber has a blog: and she has been my inspiration! I always look at it and see all the things she does in her day to day life and funny encounters that she then shares with the world. I always thought my life was a little more on the dull side to have a blog, but then the more I thought about it (all the friends I see, weekend activities, family visiting) the more I think it would be fun to put out there!  Then recently my dad made one, so I just had to make one of my own!!So, I hope you enjoy!!