July 2008

So, this is the first of what will be a once a week post.  We all know Wednesdays can seem to drag on. And with the end of the day we come that much closer to the weekend, and sometimes all we need is a little somethin to help us through the day.  Amber gave me this idea because we tend to email hilarious and often random videos to each other that we find on youtube.  And if you have a hilarious youtube favorite you want me to show, leave it in the “comments” section.  And in keeping with the baby theme, this week’s video is something maybe Kwame and Julie can teach baby Jada.  So…here we go!  I hope these make your hump day a hilarious one!! 

So, Grant’s been playing in a men’s basketball league every week and he loves it.  Last night they played a game to clinch a birth into the playoffs!  Woo hoo!  And he’s very good, if I can brag for a second. Yesterday marked the second week in a row he was the top scorer on his team.  Last week = 29 pts, this week = 24!

 Ok, I know it’s totally blurry, but I swear there is no setting for action shots on this little digital camera we have.  There is one for fireworks, the beach, sunset, sunrise, but not like sports or anything.  How is that possible? Oh ya, it was cheap and from Walmart, that’s probably how.  This was taken without the flash because I didn’t want to be the dorky wife drawing attention to herself by taking pictures of her husband with a flash.  So taking action shots minus the flash = blurry picture.  AAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!  So, maybe this means we need a better camera? Anyway, that little short guy in the green jersey thinks he’s Michael Jordan or somethin.  He is a complete ball-hog and barrels down the court at a full sprint (EVERY TIME!!) and tries to do all these tricks like passing it behind his back and switching hands before a layup, and a bunch of other stuff, that when you watch him, you think, what is this guy doing?  It’s hilarious because he misses the basket most of the time! Ha ha ha! Oh man, it’s funny.  He’s a quick little sucker, but once he tries to score, he can’t get it to fall. And Grant was guarding him most of the game and he is way shorter than Grant, so sometimes, I would secretly wish for Grant to just put his arm up in the guy’s way and block his shot (which he did-ha ha!).  I mean, it looks like Grant could just crush this guy.

 The gun show is that’a way!

So Friday morning when Grant got the call, we got dressed and sped, and I mean SPED over to their house.  Good thing it was 1 am and no po-pos were out.  I think we both had this vision in our minds of when the water breaks, she’d be minutes from giving birth (ok, I know not minutes, but soon!) but apparently that isn’t true because when we got there, they were still getting their bags together, Julie was filling out her paperwork for the hospital, eating a banana and their doctor said they had plenty of time (how do they know that?!)…Kwame showed me all the things Kijana needed in the morning (shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes), how he will probably cry for his mama first thing in the morning.  After almost 2 hrs, they left for the hospital and Grant and I went to sleep in the guest room.  Then at 6:30, Kijana was awake and wanting his mom in his sweet, little voice “mommy? mooommmy?”  Grant and I jumped out of bed and told him that we got to get him ready this morning because his mom and dad went to the hospital because Jada is coming!  So, we get to take him to school!  He looked at us, looked away, thinking, looked at us and in my mind I’m praying he doesn’t start crying and throwing a fit.  Thankfully, he looked at us with his sleepy eyes and said, “you wana see my toys?”  You bet I do!!  Ha ha ha!  So he spent a few minutes showing us some of his toys, then we had to convince him to shower and I helped him do that and get dressed and everything.  We made it off to school in time and just as we were dropping him off, Kwame sent a text “baby coming soon.”  It was all so exciting!!  But we were exhausted and had to go to work.  So we went home and showered and then got the text “8lbs, 4 oz”.  We went to the hospital to say congrats to peek at the new arrival and then went to work.  It was hard to work because I just wanted to go and hold the baby!! But I worked through lunch so I could leave early.  Grant picked Kijana up from school, swung by the house and picked me up, then we all went to the hospital together.

How adorable is she?!  So tiny, so beautiful! Then, of course, we all had to take turns holding her…


  Kijana was curious about Jada…  Then not….then curious again…

 It was amazing seeing his initial reaction to the whole thing…he was so scared to touch her. He wanted to hold her very much, but absolutely REFUSED when we kept wanting to get a picture of him kissing her. But he was insistent that he was going to help take care of mommy and Jada.  Awwww….


Ok, then he was ready to give her back!

 Then some of Kwame’s soccer players came to visit. They were all terrified to even hold her…good birth control, I say!  🙂

After we had our baby fix, we took Kijana with us so that Kwame and Julie could have some alone time. But first we had to stop by the athletic training room so Grant could get a basketball player a walking boot.  Just before we left, a few basketball players were shooting hoops in the gym and Kijana wanted to play with them.  One guy was nice enough to help out:

 He was so happy!!

Player: “You wana play basketball when you grow up?”

Kijana: “Ya, I like baketball” (no, it’s not misspelled, that’s how he says it)

Player: “Well, you better eat your carrots and broccoli so you can grow big and tall”

 Kijana: “I don’t like carrots!” (duh!)

Man, I guess he told him! Ha ha!  The players started cracking up. It was pretty hilarious cuz this kid has no problem telling you exactly how he feels.  After we went to our house and ordered pizza and tried to find “Kijana shows” (ya, we don’t know what cartoons are on and are suitable for this little man) we took him home to his dad.  His mom and sister would be coming home the next day.  But Kijana and Grant were inseparable…

  Awww!  Then the next day, Julie and Jada came home and of course we went over to hold her and say hello.  I made a big batch of spaghetti to bring them (so they wouldn’t have to cook) and some delicious cider donuts (one of the best discoveries since moving to Vermont!) Is she not the cutest?! Sigh.


 Ok. Now I’m done gushing over this cute baby!

Last night our friends, the Lloyd family, came over for dinner.  We have been hanging out a lot recently, which has been great because we have a lot in common and they are great!  They moved here this year from Virginia. Kwame is the new women’s soccer coach at UVM and his wife works from home as an accountant. Sidenote: Over dinner she was telling us that she had 40 spreadsheets open on her computer at one time….40?!?!!  I don’t know how she does it! Anyway, after we all ate, their son, Kijana wanted to go downstairs and watch a movie.  Seeing as though Grant and I don’t have any kids yet, the selection of what we have that’s age-appropriate (Kijana is 3) is pretty slim.  But, thanks to Pixar making films that every age can enjoy, like Shrek, we had that in stock and he was more than happy!  In fact, he was practically bouncing off the walls!

With Grant’s help, of course!  I swear, these two would get into so much mischief if we let them!  But the kid was loving this pole!! (which is there strictly for architectural support, people).  But after this…

Kwame said, “my son better not get used to slidin’ down that pole!” Lol!!!  Soon he was done and moved onto the treadmill…

With Grant’s help once again and Julie watching, Kijana decided to to give it a try.  It was getting late and the Lloyds had to go, but not without one more attempt…

They left and we went to bed shortly thereafter.  Then at 1:00 am we got the call, “Julie’s water broke…”

To be continued….

So, is blogging really as easy as everyone says it is?  So, far, so good!  Hi, my name is Ceara (pronounced like Kiera, Kyra, Kira, Keara…I’ve seen it spelled like these, but mine is the only authentic, Gaelic spelling–thanks mom and dad!)  I guess I’ll start by telling you I’ve only been thinking of starting a blog the last few weeks and finally decided to give it a try.  My friend Amber has a blog: www.lifeincolor.typepad.com and she has been my inspiration! I always look at it and see all the things she does in her day to day life and funny encounters that she then shares with the world. I always thought my life was a little more on the dull side to have a blog, but then the more I thought about it (all the friends I see, weekend activities, family visiting) the more I think it would be fun to put out there!  Then recently my dad made one, so I just had to make one of my own!!So, I hope you enjoy!!